5 Tips for Making your First Sale on Poshmark


Poshmark is a online reselling community for people who are clearing out their closet. I started using Poshmark a couple of months ago, mostly as a way to clear out my closet, but also as a way to make some extra cash around the Holidays! My love for Poshmark has quickly grown over the past two months, and I’ve actually started reselling as a side hustle. That’s right, I loved Poshmark so much that I am now sourcing clothing purely to resale online! It’s a lot of fun, and pretty easy to do! I get lots of questions from people struggling to make sales, so I thought I’d offer some things I’ve learned that have really helped me!

Whether you want to sell on Poshmark to clear out your closet, or to start a side hustle. We all have to start somewhere, and making that first sale can be daunting! Once you get that first sale though, it’s all good from there.

Here are my tips for making your first sale on Poshmark and making that money! Go get em!


1.Sell Items that are High-Quality

Whether you’re selling items straight from your personal closet or sourcing from your local thrift store, you have to make sure that your items are high-quality. This means only selling items with minimal stains or holes (ideally none). Be realistic. Personally, when I’m going through items that I’m thinking about selling, I like to make two different piles; a poshmark pile, and a donation pile. Things that are high-quality or on trend will obviously go in my posh pile, while items that show a little more wear and tear go into the donation pile. If you’re unsure about whether an item is on trend or sells well on Poshmark, I recommend searching the item on Poshmark and seeing how it has sold in the past. This is by far the easiest way to see if something is worth poshing. By listing items that are only high quality, you’re showing your future customers that you take care of your items, and that they can trust buying from you.

2. Take High Quality Photos

This one can be as complicated as you want to make it, but the main thing here is lighting! Whether it’s natural lighting in your kitchen, or a professional light set up, make sure that your lighting shows colors as true as you can get them. I personally use a ring light that I had already owned prior to selling on Poshmark, but natural lighting works great too! As for taking the actual photographs, I typically use my iPhone to take the pictures, but sometimes I will use my DSLR. I usually only use my DSLR if I’m wanting higher quality photos for high priced items. Both are great options though, so pick the one that you feel most confident with. I know people who sell on Poshmark full time, and never purchase professional lighting or cameras, so truly just see what works best for you!

Another thing that really helps when photographing your items is taking your photos against a plain background. If the background of your photo is filled with clutter, it can take the viewers attention away from the item. You want to draw customers in, and keep them in! On the other hand, if you want to take your pictures outside or in a cute curated corner in your house, that’s totally fine too! Just make sure you take all of your pictures in the same spot, that way there’s a nice flow to your closet. These tips are important because they create unity in your closet, and make your items more likely to be shared. In return, more likely to seen, and more likely to be bought! Yes, yes, yes!

3. Do your Research & Price Items Accordingly

This one is huge! Researching your items before posting is the difference between selling an item for $8 vs selling that same item for $150. Go on google and search your item (or similar) and see how much it’s currently selling for new. Then, go to Poshmark or eBay and see how much people are selling the same item used. Sometimes you’ll do this and realize that your item isn’t actually worth as much as you thought it was, and sometimes you’ll find that you could actually make some really good money!

The second part of this tip is to price accordingly! Even if you are simply trying to clear out your closet and you want everything gone as fast as possible, resist the urge to list everything super cheap! While this works for some people, sometimes this strategy backfires. If you price your items too low, people will likely think that something is wrong with the item. Sort of like a too good to be true scenario. Same goes with pricing too high. If you price your item too high, people may be less likely to approach you and make an offer. List your items for what they’re worth!

4. Note any & Every Detail (ESPECIALLY IMPERFECTIONS)

This one is big, especially if you want to make sure your item doesn’t get returned, or if you want repeat customers. Make sure you note every imperfection on the item. Are there any stains or tears? Any fabric pulling? You want to be honest with your customers about the quality of your products! Make sure they know what they’re getting, nobody has time for surprises when online shopping.

It’s also good to write detailed product descriptions. Don’t just write “shirt”, write what kind of shirt it is, what color is it, what kind of fabric? The more details the better! Your items are way more likely to sell if all the information the customer needs is in one spot! You can also include measurements, especially for items like pants or skirts. Make sure to also include descriptive words in your title. Many of the products sold on Poshmark are from direct searches, so be sure to use key words!

5. Share Share Share!

Last but not least, share! Poshmark is different from most other online selling platforms because there is a giant sense of community. Everyone is constantly sharing everyone else’s stuff, and you should be too! Make an effort to share other Posher's items regularly, and they will likely share yours too!

You should also should be sharing your items to your own followers regularly. Even if your followers don’t buy anything from you directly, they may share your items to they’re followers, and they’re followers may buy from you. Don’t worry about oversharing, that’s pretty impossible to do. There’s so many people on Poshmark, even if you think you’re sharing too often, I guarantee you’re not! Every time you share your items to your followers, it pushes that item back to the top of the feed and makes it more likely to be seen. The more people see it, the more likely it is to be bought! So, start sharing!


Well, I hope these tips help you make your first sale on Poshmark! Remember, Poshmark should be fun! If you’re feeling frustrated with not making any sales, try reposting your items, sometimes that’s all it takes to get your item in front of the right person!

While you’re here let me know your Poshmark user name in the comments below and I’ll share your whole closet with my followers! Happy Poshing and best of luck!

If you’d like to check out my Poshmark you can find it here!

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